Why Du

Your investment is not a blow of luck or a decision subject to probability. Your excitement must be accurately calculated.

So DUtrade is your perfect world

Not start up, not an idea under execution, we know all the needs

We know all the problems facing traders and investors so we decided to provide them with the solution

Through an innovative application its primary goal is to stop the trouble and trade smartly

Comprehensive Platform

It’s not just professional trading that you’ll find in our platform.

Award-winning platform

Best financial broker 2009 from bankers


- Best Online Trading Platform 2010 from bankers
- Best financial broker 2010 from ISF Global investor


Best financial broker 2011 from bankers


Best Media Service in Investment in the Middle East 2012 from Forbes


Best Financial and Media Service Providers 2013 from Middle East Excellence Award Institute


Best Financial Broker 2015 from DFM


Best Male Service Provider 2017 from MENA AWARDS


Best financial broker of the year in Bahrain 2018 from ISF Global investor


Best Financial and Media Service Providers 2020 from ISF Global investor & gbma


About Us

New world of investing

Because it is time to start trading in the stock market with zero brokerage commission!