Du Trade Terms and Conditions

  1. The brokerage and custody commission are zero per thousand for a trading volume of less than 250 thousand pounds per month. After that, a brokerage commission of 1.50 per thousand and a custody commission of 0.5 per thousand are calculated for both DU EXPRESS & DU PRO clients.

  2.  For DU PRO package customers, the subscription value for the price screen & execution service – (Mob & Web): (99) EGP monthly, (250) EGP quarterly, or (777) EGP annually.

  3. For all customers, once you download the application and sign the contract, you will get a screen of prices and trading for mobile, web, and desktop for free.

  4. All transactions are online and for any executions other than the Internet (telephone & fax & e-mail) 25 EGP is added to each order that is executed, whether in whole or in part.

  5. The possibility of selling in the same session and (T+1) is available in all accounts and without any charge.

  6. The possibility of smart orders (Order Cancel Order) to give you an opportunity to place unlimited orders with limited amounts, and in the event that any order is executed, the outstanding orders are automatically canceled.

  7. Stop Loss & Take Profit orders to avoid sudden losses and take unexpected profits.

  8. There are no margin accounts on DuTrade, but they are available in all Mubasher Trade accounts.


Monthly incentive Of Dutrade

Monthly incentives with a minimum of 100,000 pounds, of which 50% will be distributed to the most winners and 50% to the most losers. The percentages between the winners and losers may be changed every month according to what the company deems appropriate, the losers are compensated by the amount of the loss, and the winners are doubled by the gain.  and it will be according to the following conditions.

    1. The value of the portfolio is 10,000 pounds or less at the beginning of the month, the date of the start of the program.

    2. To participate in the Double Your Earnings program, you must be a subscriber to a 3-month (Du Pro) package whose cost is (250) quarterly EGP, and paid in advance.

    3. To participate in the program that compensates for your loss and doubles your gain together, you must be a subscriber for a year in the (Du Pro) package, and its cost is (777) EGP annually, i.e. (65) EGP per month.

    4. The maximum limit for each client in the Double Your Earning Program does not exceed 10% of the value of his portfolio.

    5. The maximum limit for each client in the compensation for your loss program does not exceed 5% of the value of the portfolio.
    6. Any withdrawal or deposit during the month causes exit from the incentive program.

    7. At least 5 buying or selling transactions must be made during the month.

    8. The company has the right to stop the incentive program without restriction or condition or to inform the traders. Only by announcing on the website and after paying any dues to traders due at the time of stopping the program.


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