Du Competition

  1. 100 thousand EGP – Demo Wallet.
  2. The competition period is 3 months.
  3. The competition is reviewed and prizes are awarded at the end of three months.
  4. The contestant should make at least 30 sale or buy transaction.
  5. The contestant has the right to register on DU people to follow market news, technical reports and expert opinions for free.
  6. The contestant has the right to register in DU groups on WhatsApp to receive technical and financial assistance reports for free.
  7. Every pound gain is converted to a point and every 2000 points are converted to 100 EGP in the active.
  8. Prize Exchange Unit Is 100 EGP and its multiples.
  9. The real-time screen provided free of charge for a period of 3 months to all Du Trade clients, provided that at least one purchase and sale transaction is made in the real account, not the demo. After the free period, a monthly subscription fee of 88 EGP will be paid for the screen, which will be deducted from your profits or by cash transfer through any electronic wallet, bank transfer or credit cards.
  10. Cash can be withdrawn from the real wallet after making one transaction with a full value.
  11. Maximum prize for one contestant is 1000 EGP throughout the competition period.
  12. Each contestant has the right to join the competition one time.
  13. Any loss won’t be real because it is a demo account.
  14. The company has the right to terminate the competition at any time but after paying any dues to the contestants at the time of termination of the contest (100EGP or multiples).

Du Trade

Terms and conditions

  1. The brokerage and book keeper commission are zero per thousand, for a trading volume of less than 50 thousand pounds per month, after which the brokerage commission is calculated as 2 per thousand and the book keeper commission is 0.5 per thousand.
  2. Monthly subscription (Mob & Web) 88 pounds per month or 777 pounds per week for Du Pro clients.
  3. For Du Pro clients only, once you download the application and sign the contract, you will get 250 pounds in cash to be used to pay the monthly subscription, and they can’t be withdrawn in cash.
  4. All transactions are online and for any implementations through telephone registration, the commission is 2.5 per thousand.
  5. The possibility of selling for the same session (t+0) is available in all accounts.
  6. There is no margin account in Du, but it is available in all Mubasher accounts.

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