Years of experience in one platform.

Successful trading and investment have been our mission since 1999 and until now.

That’s why we have been a trusted partner and a source of inspiration for thousands of clients who have achieved remarkable success stories in the financial markets through us. Based on this, we have decided to continue providing and enhancing our services to keep up with the latest advancements in financial technology, which not only saves you time but also provides you with more innovative electronic trading opportunities.

DU is a subsidiary of the well-known Mubasher International, with a long history of providing various financial services in over 82 countries worldwide, serving more than 1.8 million users.

One Goal – One Dream

At DU, we build our goals around serving your goals, after developing all the services that help you achieve your objective effortlessly. One of our key objectives is to provide you with the best investment experience and correct your misconceptions about trading.

We provide exclusive benefits to our clients.

We provide you with the best investment experience Correct your concepts of trading.

We enhance the quality and skills of traders, just as we enhance the quality of trading.

We aim to build a strong relationship between us and our clients.

We create an ideal investment community based on collaboration and knowledge exchange.


New world of investing

Because it is time to start trading in the stock market with zero brokerage commission!