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DUtrade Components

Zero Commission Trading

It is time to trade the Egyptian stock market in a different way.

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Step into a world of professional investment like no other with Du’s innovative trading platform.

With over two decades of experience in various financial markets since 1999, we have earned the trust of our customers and have been instrumental in helping them achieve unparalleled success and progress.

Our new vision embraces a fresh and exciting concept of investment that opens doors for all to pen their own financial success stories.

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We changed the rules, the Stock Market become a gain only 100,100 EGP Virtual account. 

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You will earn 100,000 pounds in your demo account to trade freely with them, but this is not your only gain.

Why DuTrade?


You will invest without commissions, freely than anywhere, either app or web. You will learn, gain experience and you will find all the solutions for any technical problem.

Our Plans

Choose the package that suits your investment


  • Brokerage commission
  • Custodian commission
  • Administrative expenses
  • Monthly subscription


88 Monthly
  • Brokerage commission
  • Custodian commission
  • Administrative expenses
  • Monthly subscription


  • Brokerage commission
  • Custodian commission
  • Administrative expenses
  • Monthly subscription

Trade with us in three steps

1. First Step

Create an Account

2. Second Step

How to Fund

3. Third Step

Start Trading

Learn To invest from scratch

Du is always the beginning
you will know all the investment phases you need to become a professional Trader

Certified Free Online Courses

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Join the family

Join the largest community of investors and traders and become one of the experienced ones.

Consult and inquire before each decision and witness inspiring success stories.

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Save your time and effort

Plans for the future. Your wealth starts with 500 EGP

Save your time and effort. let the robot invest for you with Robo Advisor which ensures you accurate decisions and assured profitability

Predict and Win

Feeling you got this power of guessing the winning stocks’ price?
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About Us

New world of investing

Because it is time to start trading in the stock market with zero brokerage commission!